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AC Dancing :)

So here’s a clip of Anderson dancing. It’s very short but yes he is kinda doing the cabbage patch here hahaha. I’m just glad I saved this video omg so cute

To all the religious people out there…

Every time one of you crazy religious zealots says things like “I don’t hate the sinner, just the sin.” or “I don’t agree with their lifestyle.” or “Being gay is disgusting and perverted. It’s against God’s plan.” I really want you to know how much damage you are doing. Not only are you driving people, like myself, away from your hateful, cult religion, but you are also giving an excuse for some asshole out there to beat their child to death because they think “he might be gay.”
You are giving children in school an excuse to bully, hurt, or even kill another child for being gay or being perceived as being gay. Every time you speak against homosexuality or transgender people, you are preaching hate, and you are condoning hate crimes that result in death or injury. When a person commits suicide because they were bullied for being gay, understand that they didn’t kill themselves because they were unhappy with being gay, they did it because of how others made them feel just for being who they are.
You can’t whine about oppression when we stand up against your cult. You have oppressed so many people for years. You killed us for being non-believers, you killed us for being women, you killed us for being Native Americans, and you’ve killed us for being gay. If you are offended by my anti-religion posts, that’s fine, but please note that I am offended by your bigotry, your hate, your bitterness, and what your religion and your message has done to so many people.
This is no longer a political issue, it’s a personal issue with me. I am tired of hearing stories about children being killed by other kids, or even their own parents because they were thought to be gay.
And every moderate “Christian” out there who stays silent on this issue, the blood of every person killed in a hate crime is on your hands. If you don’t speak up against your own cult, then I will. I don’t care what people think and I don’t care who likes me and who doesn’t. This is real life, you guys, it happens everyday and we can’t let people hide behind religion anymore. It sends the wrong message, and if we ever want to bring the country forward than we have to stand up and fight against this sick system of religious wackos and hateful fairytales.